Dotcom Secrets X Review

Internet Multi-Millionaire Russell Brunson is the owner of DotCom Secrets X who has helped thousands of students and internet marketers from across the globe to make money online. Russell started his business with a paltry sum of $20 when he was still in college. Now, he brings forth a host of Internet marketing strategies that guides small businesses to bring more and more customers and flourish their business in the online world.DotCom Secrets X offers a complete package of all internet business strategies. It basically provides you with everything that you will need to generate earning online. From training and step-by-step guides with amazing tips, everything is offered by DotCom Secrets X.

Some of the salient features are:

  1. Guaranteed success in thirty days
    DotCom Secrets X gives you a long-term opportunity of making money online and the success is guaranteed in 30 days or less, provided you apply the Internet marketing strategies in a proper manner as suggested by Russell.
  2. Income Generation through e-mail list
    DotCom Secrets X helps in regular income generation by allowing the members to build an e-mail list very fast. Members are then taught to use this list to make money online. Every time the user sends an e-mail to this list, he makes some money.
  3. Multiple Squeeze Pages
    DotCom Secrets X establishes that the bigger your e-mail list would be the more money will you make. So, it’s important to keep your e-mail list building everyday. For this, DotCom Secrets X provides you with a number of squeeze pages that are excellent to help build your list. Their sales pitch will inspire the viewers to enter
    their names and e-mails on these squeeze pages.
  4. A number of products for sale
    Once you have a huge e-mail list with you, you can sell the products of DotCom Secrets X to your e-mail prospects. You need to draft a sales letter and send across your e-mail list for actual sale to take place.

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The Cons:

While DotCom Secrets X provides you with excellent squeeze pages to help build your e-mail list, you may have to purchase advertisement in order to get viewers to these pages. This could be a costly affair and a student may find it difficult to follow Russell’s this suggestion.

Each time you need to send attention-grabbing sales letter to your e-mail list. If you are good at writing, you can draft these letters on your own. However, if you want to make your sales letters to be professionally written, you need to hire a professional copywriter. This again could have huge cost implications, as a copywriter charges handsomely for his creative services.

Conclusion: For anyone who wants to make money online, DotCom Secrets X can be a very good opportunity. Instead of you keep surfing the web for finding hot online money making tips, it’s probably better to follow the strategies suggested by Russell Brunson.

Moreover, it is legitimate to try, as Russell is giving a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. In case it doesn’t work for you, you will get back your money. So, it’s completely risk-free, if you want to try this product.