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Are you wondering what is Instant Article Factory Review all about? It is software to assist on-line marketers to produce quality article effortlessly. If you are convinced, you may also want to claim your Instant Article Factory Bonus. Watch the video yourself.

Instant Article Factory Featured

Quality Article in Less Than 5 Minutes!

This is one of the best software by Jonathan Ledger whom has produced powerful article spinner software which you can read my The Best Article Rewriter Software Review when you are free.

To build your presence online, Instant Article Factory is yet another piece of software which you cannot do without. To be known online, you need to tell the world about your business and that is what many Internet Marketers like me are doing.

We write articles about our business and submit them to numerous free article directories so that the Search Engines will pick them up and serve it to Internet users searching for related information.

To be successful online, you need to promote your business constantly by writing on your blog and submit articles to Article directories. This is a tiring process and sooner or later, you will have writer’s mental block. That is what happened to me and that was how I started searching online for my problem.

In this Instant Article Factory Review, I would like to share with you what it is capable of. This software is able to help you create your article fast because it uses article templates to guide you in creating your article. To begin, decide the nature of article you wish to write and choose 1 out of the 17 corresponding article templates for the job. The templates are built to write article for the purpose of “Product Review”, “Pros and Cons” and “How To” for your subject. Below is an example of a template.

Instant Article Factory Template

Once you have chosen your template, creating an article is simply by using the most appropriate words to fill in the blanks and your article is DONE! Can you see the power of Instant Article Factory? What is even more exciting is that this software supports spin syntax which will allow you to have many different variations of the same article.

Talking about having spin syntax within your article. Instant Article Factory is even clever enough to spin the text you have used in its various templates. When you have done your article, simply refresh your page and another new article is created!

Instant Article Factory Template In Action

Is that all what Instant Article Factory can do? If you have been writing for awhile, you will appreciate the next feature. This software allows you to build your own custom template to suit your style of writing. The process is relatively easy and I am sure you will like it as well.

Although Instant Article Factory is great software, Jonathan Ledger could have made it cheaper for everybody. Currently it is priced at $77 per year and you are required to buy it again if you wished to use the software instead of One Time payment.

However if you are really serious with your online business, this powerful software will only cost you about 20 cents per day! This is less than your Starbucks coffee that you pick up almost every other day at the mall!

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Share with us what do you think of this product regardless if it is positive or negative. Am sure we love your honest opinion to make the right decision!

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