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To receive WP Twin bonus, please clear the cookies in your browser before you proceed to the official website of  WP Twin. If you have landed on this page directly, you might want to read my WP Twin Review.

Once you have made your purchase, use the contact form and write “WP Twin Bonus” in the subject link. Also provide  proof of purchase and I will get back to you shortly.

Bonus : WordPress Unleashed Video Series

Video 1 – Installation Of WordPress – 8m 16s
Look over my shoulder as I show you the easier way to install WordPress
Discover how you can install WordPress with a click of a button

Video 2 – Configuring WordPress – 10m 04
Watch as I show you exactly how you to optimally configure WordPress
Learn the best way to set up WordPress for maximum results

Video 3 – Picking A Theme – 3m 19s
Get access to thousands of free themes for your WordPress site
Learn how to change the look of your entire site with the click of a button

Video 4 – Uploading Themes – 1m 54
A step by step guide showing you how to upload themes to your website

Video 5 – Customize Your Theme – 4m 38s
Learn how to quickly and easily customize the look and feel of your website
Discover how to quickly add menu items and make your site look highly professional

Video 6 – WordPress Settings – 7m 55s
Learn to navigate your way through the quagmire of WordPress settings
Find out the best way to set up your WordPress site

Video 7 – Protection Against Spam – 5m 52s
Learn how you can avoid 100% of all spam to your blog for free!

Video 8 – How To Get Indexed In Minutes – 7m 07s
Learn the plugin you need to get your blog indexed in minutes
See step by step how you configure this plugin and the little tweak it needs for maximum effect

Video 9 – Monetizing Your Blog – 9m 22s
Learn how to earn from your blog
Find out the best ways to generate income

Video 10 – Backing Up Your Blog – 12m 11s
Learn why you need to backup your blog
Find out how to automatically backup your WordPress blog

Video 11 – Socializing WordPress – 7m 42s
Learn how to increase your backlinks and traffic at the click of a button
See exactly how to install this powerful plugin and how to configure it

Video 12 – More Plugins – 8m 32s
Let me show you some more useful plugins for your WordPress blog
Learn how to laser target your AdSense ads
See how to give a first time visitor to your blog a special welcome message
Find out how to easily get detailed stats for your WordPress blog

Video 13 – Even More Plugins – 11m 34s
Discover how to quickly add pictures, video and audio to any blog post
Learn another powerful way to add multiple streams of income to your WordPress blog
Turn your WordPress blog into a fully featured shopping cart!

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