WP Twin Review

If you have been online for awhile, occasionally you will have the need to backup and restore your WordPress blog and Wp Twin is such software for the job. Wp Twin is created by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos. Click below for:

It is newest and easiest way to clone and restore your WordPress blog in minutes depending on the size of your blog and also the speed of your server. Over the years, I have found many needs to move my WordPress blogs. One of the most common reasons is when you decide to change your web hosting company.

More often than not, you will be held hostage emotionally by the amount of work required to backup and restore your various blogs. Ultimately the amount of work overwhelmed the need to change your web hosting company and you continue to suffer the lousy service provided.

Another reason to backup and restore a blog is when you are making money online by selling already established blog. Once you have found a buyer, very often you are required to move the content of your blog unto the web hosting company of the buyer.

You have invested so much time in your online business, getting your content backup constantly is your best insurance. Don’t leave things to chance!

  1. Backup

    The first step is to backup your WordPress blog. The normal way will requires you to access your cpanel and search for the related database to backup. With WpTwin, all you need to do is to access your blog via a FTP program like FileZilla which is a free program.Drop a file named Wptwin.php into the root of your blog that you wish to backup. Once that is done, open your browser and get it to access this file. Below is an example of how the URL will look:


    This will open up the file to start backing your blog. Simply click to clone this site button and you are done with the first step.

  2. Copy

    When the backup of your WordPress blog is completed, you see the URL to download the backup file. Save it into your computer and you are ready for step 3.

  3. Restore

    To restore your old blog, you must first create a fresh WordPress blog to receive your backup files. This is very easy if you were to use Fantastico to create your new blog. Fantastico is a script installed in the cpanel of your hosting account.
    If you already have a WordPress blog to clone, I am sure you do not need me to repeat this step. However if you are new and your first blog was installed by your programmer, the steps are very straight forward. 

    Once you double click on fantastic, choose new installation and select the domain name from the drop down box to host this fresh WordPress blog. Next you will need to give a username and password to access this blog.

    To install back your old blog into the new URL destination, you have to use FileZilla again. Copy and paste the backup file of your clone and wptwindeploy.php into the root of your new URL to receive the backup files.

    Now open your browser and get it to access wptwindeploy.php. Below is an example of how the URL will look:


    You will be greeted by a similar screen as shown below to enter your email address that you have used to purchase WpTwin for validation.

    Once it is validated, it will pop up the next screen for you to deploy your backup files and you are done!

Although WP Twin is an excellent product to backup and restore your blog, it is only build for the WordPress and has neglected other blog platform such as Joomla. This is to show that WordPress is much more popular than Joomla. Hopefully in the future updates, Wp Twin will cater to the Joomla market as well.

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